NOW! SPONDA "Be The Champion!" 10-in-1 Box Set

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SPONDA is a turn-based dice game that combines the scoring patterns of the world’s most popular sports (Soccer, Cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union, American Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Aussie Rules Football, Lacrosse) with the luck that occurs in dice games!

Players roll two dice (red dice = top column, white dice = side column) which gives the score for that roll.  The winner is the player with the highest score at the end of a game (except Golf, where lowest score wins).

More excitement is added when players land on a SPONDA! (Double 2, 4 and 6)

A SPONDA! gets you double maximum score AND a redeemable SPONDA CARD for an extra turn at any time.  Strategic use of a SPONDA CARD means you have more than one chance to win and leave your opponent reeling! 


•             Ages 8+ 

•             MINUTES to play, HOURS of fun!

•             Educational 

•             NO language barriers

•             Fun for 1, 2 or up to 20 players

•             Easy Traveller game board

•             Communal (Families, sports clubs)

What you get:


From conception to design the 10 SPONDA playing boards are a stroke of genius! Close study of each of our 10 selected sports and their scoring patterns led to meticulously designed boards with intentionally placed result tiles, providing exciting game play and scoring that’s just like the real thing! Each SPONDA sport has its own distinct branding, full of vibrant, booming colours on durable, high quality game boards


Our challenge was to create scorecards that were uniform across 10 different sports, even though the sports have scoring patterns of their own. We have done this after hundreds of hours of research and development, so once you’ve used one scorecard you can use them all! We’ve created the perfect re-usable scorecards which means you’ll NEVER RUN OUT and NEVER BE FORCED TO BUY ADD-ONS!


SPONDA CARDS were introduced to create another level of fun and excitement and an element of strategy. Each sport has its own colour-coded SPONDA CARDS, and by landing on a SPONDA! you instantly get at a SPONDA CARD and at least double the highest score! Use a SPONDA CARD strategically throughout your game to get a free roll of the dice and try to improve your score. Tight games can be determined by using a SPONDA CARD to leave your opponent reeling!

 20 DICE

Every SPONDA comes with 10 sets of dice (red and white) so all games can be played simultaneously!


SPONDA also comes with 10 non-permanent markers and an erasing cloth to clear your re-usable scorecards