About Us

SPONDA GAMES  is a board game company and publishing house with a team of creative and passionate board gamers dedicated to developing exciting, challenging and innovative games.
Formed in 2015 by two brothers from Melbourne, Australia the story begins when they were just kids!
Board game fanatics, they grew up competing with each other in just about every board game they could get their hands on, and the brothers are well known for their passionate love of sports. 
Five years ago they decided to bury the competitive hatchet and joined forces to create SPONDA GAMES, a company which brings together their creative talents and their love of sports and board games.
Starting with a whimsical discussion about how great it would be if they could play their favourite sports as a board game, the brothers set themselves a task. Since then, and after thousands of hours work involving countless designs, creating scoring algorithms and developing concepts, the brothers proudly released their first board game.
SPONDA Be the Champion! is a brand new, never before conceived board game, that represents the essence of 10 of the worlds most popular sports. 
SPONDA Be the Champion! plays like, scores like and feels like you're in the midst of the action. 
This 10-in-1 board game is packed with 10 playing boards, 20 re-usable scorecards, 72 playing cards, 20 dice and 10 non permanent markers.  With everything you'll need for up to 20 players, it's the family and party game like no other! 
If you love sports or board games, or both, SPONDA Be the Champion! is the game for you.
Recently, the company has developed each of the SPONDA Be the Champion! sports into individually available games, and is proud to introduce the latest game to the collection, SPONDA TENNIS.
In this fast paced world of electronic media, SPONDA GAMES is also developing digital versions of all its games, whilst still focusing on classic board games.
Our latest game, CAN YOU DRAW THAT? is a deviously clever card game designed to test your problem-solving skills and get the brain ticking!
Perfect for all ages, CAN YOU DRAW THAT? will increase your concentration levels and give you a real sense of accomplishment.
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